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              Using Artificial Intelligence to Reimagine Traffic Control

              Surtrac - Real-time Adaptive Traffic Signal Control

              • Real-time Response to Actual Traffic
                Surtrac optimizes every second based on actual traffic flows

              • Decentralized & Inherently Scalable
                Surtrac is decentralized and scalable to networks of any size & shape

              • Optimized for Complex Grids, Not Just Corridors
                While Surtrac is capable of handling suburban corridors with a single dominant flow, it really shines when optimizing more complex grid networks with multiple competing flows that change throughout the day

              • Multi-modal Optimization
                With advanced sensing, Surtrac can integrate vehicle, pedestrian, bus, and bicycle traffic flows according to pre-specified priorities


              Intelligent Traffic Signal Control

              Surtrac is the most advanced traffic signal control system on the market today. Using patented technology developed in the Robotics Institute and Traffic21 Labs at Carnegie Mellon University, Surtrac combines cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence and traffic theory.

              • Travel Time
                Get people to their destinations 25% faster by eliminating stops, reducing wait time, and increasing travel speeds.
              • Delay
                Spend over 40% less time waiting at intersections.
              • Stops
                Make 30-40% fewer stops, decreasing wear on the road and tires and resulting in a cost savings for drivers and cities.
              • Emissions
                Produce 20% fewer harmful emissions and improve air quality by reducing stops and idling.


              The Phaenon urban analytics system is designed specifically for cities, where measuring mobility is more than just measuring speed and travel time. Because we have developed the Phaenon sensor to be inexpensive enough for dense, urban deployments, Phaenon provides measurement of cruising for parking, network-level traffic signal performance, traffic congestion, and many other applications that can help improve quality of life.

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